Operating the Process

With the foundation provided in the introduction, descriptions of equipment and controls, and the set-up steps, the learner is prepared for the actual productive operation of the equipment.

In my experience, the operation of the equipment is a surprisingly short section. In many cases, once the process is set up, “operation” often consists of monitoring conditions, or the repetitive placement of material, performing the function and removing of material. Most of the work of equipment operation takes place in the setup.

In many instances, particularly in situations where a process is susceptible to incident (explosion, fire, etc.), the procedure must describe more than operation under ideal or correct conditions. In such cases, learning to perform the task means being ready and able to respond to an upset in the process. That is the next part of the procedure, and the next post.


About Tim James "Mr. Procedure"

A communicator; all-purpose capability in writing, designing and presenting training for all facets of organizational function. While my focus has been manufacturing, my training/development experience includes supervisory and lead person development, audit processes, continuous improvement and Lean, and Quality Management System implementation.
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