Mr. Procedure and His Passion

This blog discusses all aspects of the author refers to as Instructional Communication. Instructional Communication includes any means to capture and deliver necessary process knowledge to those performing the process. For business success, it is imperative that every worker perform every process as perfectly as possible as often as possible. Instructional Communication is all about maximizing the “possible!”

Consequently, this blog will discuss operating procedure development, policy development, continuous improvement, employee training, performance management, training management, team development, orientations, enforcing standards, root cause analysis, Power Point, and any number of associated concepts. If it enables personnel to learn how to perform their jobs and how to educate others in performance improvement, it’s in play here.

Mr. Procedure

Tim James has more than 25 years of experience in technical procedure development, technical training, safety training, course development and delivery, and training program administration, most of which is in the documentation-heavy world of aerospace. His training and writing experience covers a full spectrum of organizational aspects and needs. He has most recently made available for free distribution the book Writing Operating Procedures, the first (and likely only free) installment of his Instructional Communication/Performance Management series of guide books.

Mr. James graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a degree in Geology (of all things). He may be reached at Requests for Writing Operating Procedures should be made here.

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  1. 300 copies. When will you start charging for them? By the way, nice writing and good organization on your blog. Maybe you can help me, too.

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