Capability and Task Performance

Sorry it has been so long since my last post, but I will make up for it now. Our discussion broke off with an introduction to the three elements of capability. We will in this and the next two posts describe each.

1. Task Performance

This of course is the bottom line. If our premise is that organizational success depends on our people performing all essential tasks as perfectly as possible as often as possible, then first and foremost we have to know what those tasks are.

Consequently, the foundation of any “training and development” process is understanding what is done and how it is best performed (the second of the three characteristics of process). The core of an individual’s training will then be in performance of these tasks, and an individual’s capability should be defined in terms of the number of tasks he or she is able to perform.

Before any other effort in training can be successfully carried out, we need to have a complete list of the activities performed.

We will come back to discussing the Task Analysis in a future post.

About Tim James "Mr. Procedure"

A communicator; all-purpose capability in writing, designing and presenting training for all facets of organizational function. While my focus has been manufacturing, my training/development experience includes supervisory and lead person development, audit processes, continuous improvement and Lean, and Quality Management System implementation.
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