Thoughts on Instructional Communication

Hello! My name is Charles James, aka Tim James, aka “Mr. Procedure.” This blog will concern itself with all issues related to the manner in which organizations communicate the essentials of proper task performance with their workers.

It is my belief that there are fewer things more vital to an organization’s success than having as  many of its workers as possible perform every one of their tasks as perfectly as possible as often as possible. While many people (myself included) promote and drive “continuous improvement,” most organizations would improve their results substantially simply by eliminating the mistakes, and the costs associated with those mistakes.

In these postings, I will discuss any number of instructional communication issues, including but not limited to:

Employee training
Orientation training
Safety training
Policy development
Operating procedure development
Work instruction development
Training and procedures in relation to Quality Management Systems (ISO, AS9100, etc.)
On-the-job training
Classroom training
On-line training
Seminar development
Power point as an aide, not a sleep medicine

My training, development and procedure writing experience covers 20-plus years, focusing primarily in the documentation-rich aerospace field. My experience includes on-the-job task training, safety training, handbook development, leadership and continuous improvement training, on-line course development, and matching training needs with specific, cost-effective solutions.

I welcome all comments and especially questions you may wish to have answered. As this is my first blog, it will look very basic at first, but I will do my best to learn the ins and outs of making it livelier and as helpful and as entertaining as possible. I will endeavor to add entries each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Thank you for viewing my blog, and best of luck in all of your instructional communications efforts. I hope to demonstrate that, conceptually at least, communication and training is not as hard as many “training professionals” make it out to be!

Thanks, Mr. Procedure

About Tim James "Mr. Procedure"

A communicator; all-purpose capability in writing, designing and presenting training for all facets of organizational function. While my focus has been manufacturing, my training/development experience includes supervisory and lead person development, audit processes, continuous improvement and Lean, and Quality Management System implementation.
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